There's no better illustration of our attention to detail than our 300+ Point Inspection process. No other manufacturer puts its Certified pre-owned cars through a tougher, or more encompassing, examination - an examination every Audi has to ace in order to qualify as Certified pre-owned.


Buy a Certified Pre-Owned Audi from Audi of Charlotte for Peace of Mind with your Pre-Owned Vehicle!

When you purchase an Audi Certified Pre-Owned vehicle from Audi Charlotte, you are buying more than just world-class vehicle; you are buying Peace of Mind. Audi Charlotte specializes in late model Certified Pre-Owned Audi vehicles that undergo a rigorous inspection process to ensure their reliability, performance, luxury and safety standards are equal to that of a brand-new Audi.
Many of Audi Charlotte's Certified Pre-Owned vehicles are previous Audi Charlotte VIP Service Loaners - vehicles owned and maintained exclusively by Audi Charlotte. Many of these vehicles are the current model year, and when combined with the Audi Certified Pre-Owned extended warranty, will actually have a factory warranty exceeding that of a brand-new Audi!
Don't purchase another luxury car without first exploring the Audi Charlotte Certified Pre-Owned inventory below.