3G Turndown, Audi Connect WiFi Changes in Charlotte, NC

3G Turndown, Audi Connect WiFi Changes in Charlotte, NC - Whether you are driving a sleek Audi Q3 for adventures around Charlotte or a luxurious A3 sedan on your daily commute, Audi wants to make sure you are keeping up with the times. As technology advances, so do we. Beginning in February 2022, Audi will welcome 5G to its innovative technology, helping you connect faster and serve you better on the open road. What does this mean for you? Depending on your vehicle, certain services may be impacted as we shift from 3G to 5G. But there's good news: These upgrades will not come at any cost and will be improving the performance of your Audi connect services. Contact us today with any questions. 

What to Know about the 3G Turndown and Your Audi Vehicle

Beginning on Feb. 22, 2022, Audi will begin turning down 3G. Simply put, with many of our services on Audi connect operating on both 3G and 4G, there just isn't enough capacity to operate a fifth generation. This improves the bandwidth giving you an even more dependable performance from the 5G network. Once this turndown begins, you will no longer have access to services or hardware that operate on the 3G technology. At this time, current Audi Connect packages will no longer be available for purchase or renewal. Most customers will be able to receive the required software updates and hardware upgrades at no cost, and all customers with an impacted vehicle are eligible for a $500 new-vehicle incentive. All 2017 vehicles and several of those 2018-19 Audi vehicles are eligible to receive the motion for Audi connect hardware at no cost with four years of prepaid service. 

What is 5G? Faster Connectivity on the Go

If you have a cell phone, you have likely seen the 5G in the upper bar, but do you know what it means? 5G is the latest generation of mobile networks and unlike 3G and 4G before it, this fifth-generation aims to connect everything together. That goes way beyond your phones and devices but to cars, machines, and everyone and everything in the business place and beyond. With higher peak data, improved downloading and uploading speeds, and a much larger network, you'll have a more reliable, more efficient experience that provides a higher performance on the road than you've ever experienced before. 

Introducing Motion for Audi Connect

Audi connect is our unique and innovative technology that uses data from traffic control centers, cell towers, and satellites to provide a more enjoyable driving experience. This powers your apps and features that help make your ride a little bit easier. Beginning as soon as the 3G turndown commences on Feb. 22, Motion for Audi connect will be available for all 2017 vehicles and owners within the new vehicle or CPO warranty and the required upgrades are available at no cost. An all-new 4G telematics device and mobile app will let you drive with peace of mind with added features and services, like Automatic Crash Notification, manual SOS Emergency Call, Stolen  Vehicle Locator, and Roadside Assistance. 

Be Prepared for the 3G Turndown: Contact Us Today

Technology is a lot to digest sometimes, but at Audi Charlotte we want to make sure you are aware of what to expect. Get a jump on things now and see how your vehicle may be impacted. Remember, what may seem like a minor setback now is only to increase your performance and connectivity - and ultimately, your experience - down the road. If you have any questions on the 3G turndown in Charlotte and how your model may be affected, contact one of our friendly and professional sales team members for more information today.

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