Audi A4 Performance Features Overview

Some people prefer luxury cars that have a sporty look to them. The Audi A4, which is the most popular compact luxury vehicle, happens to be the car in question. You will no doubt come to love how it handles itself in not only sophistication but also in performance.

The two performance features that stand out the most of the Audi A4 is the engine and the Audi Drive Select. When looking at the engine, we see that it has 349 horsepower with 369 in torque and as a result, can go from 0 to 60 in 4.4 seconds. That’s impressive. The Audi Drive Select comes with four modes that include comfort, individual, auto, and dynamic which regulates how smooth you want your ride to be.

Come and take a test drive. We here at Audi Charlotte would love to have you stop by. You can check out the performance today.

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