The Audi TT Coupe Gives You More Than Your Average Sports Coupe

Looking for a sports car that gives you just a little bit more? What about a car that is well rounded with the best style and performance? The Audi TT Coupe is a sports coupe that brings your commute, road trip, or a leisurely drive to the next level of enjoyment.

Take better control of the roads in Matthews, NC using features like Audi drive select. With the option to change between four different driving modes--Individual, Auto, Comfort, and Dynamic, the TT Coupe adjusts its throttle response, steering, and transmission shifting to give you the best performance for the given driving situation.

The shifting technology included with the TT Coupe features the S Tronic dual-clutch seven-speed transmission with mounted paddle shifters to make you feel like you are in a race car while cruising down the highway in Matthews. Come visit us at Audi Charlotte to get a feel for why you should upgrade your vehicle to the Audi TT Coupe.

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