What Steps Should You Take to Clean the Fog from Your Headlights?

There are several advantages to having polycarbonate plastic headlights. They are light, scratch resistant, do not chip easily, do not shatter. The one drawback to plastic headlights is that they fog over time due to the sun’s ultra-violet rays.

The first step you should take when cleaning the fog from your headlights is to mask the vulnerable car body from the abrasive material you will be using to clean the headlight. The products produced for this job contain fine sand particles that may harm the clearcoat of your car body. Then, apply the product and gently massage the headlight. The sand in the product will remove the outer layer of plastic from the headlight making it bright again. Lastly, polish the headlight to remove the tiny scratches left by the sand.

In our service center here at Audi of Charlotte in Matthews, NC we carry plastic headlight cleaning products.

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