There are several components that work together to start your car. One of those components is the ignition. When your ignition fails, then you won't be able to start your car. Check your battery and electrical components to be sure, but a failed ignition is often the reason behind this issue.

When you place your key in the ignition, it should easily turn so that your car starts. If turning the steering wheel back and forth doesn't allow for the key to turn in your ignition, then it has likely broken and won't turn until it's replaced or repaired.

While you're driving on the road in Matthews, NC, a failing ignition could cause your car to stall. Your vehicle will usually stop running or stop moving depending on the severity of the issue and the other components. After stalling on the road, visit Audi Charlotte to have someone examine each component of your car, including the ignition as this could likely be the culprit if everything else works properly.

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