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While it can seem innocent to procrastinate on scheduling a routine maintenance and service for your Audi, there are numerous reasons that you should set and keep scheduled services to keep your Audi running to its peak performance.


To keep your Audi on the road and firing on all cylinders, the team at Audi Charlotte in Charlotte, NC is here to help provide you with routine maintenance and services for your vehicle throughout its lifetime. However, you may not be so sure as to why it’s so important to maintain a routine schedule when it comes to your Audi. Luckily for you, Audi Charlotte is here to break down 10 important reasons that you should stay on top of the routine maintenance for your Audi and keep it producing to its full potential.


10 reasons to follow your Audi’s service schedule

  1. Increase vehicle performance

  • You can decrease the internal wear and tear over the lifespan of your Audi by ensuring your Audi’s fluids, oil and internal mechanics are as up to date as they should be. In addition, vehicle performance indicators such as dependability and power are optimized when routine maintenance schedules and auto repairs are followed and observed closely.

  1. Prevent malfunctions

  • Hopefully, the only experience you have with roadside vehicle emergencies is when you drive by another broken down vehicle on the side of the road who wasn’t following their routine vehicle maintenance closely enough. Let’s try to avoid you being the one on the side of the road calling for a tow truck or more help. Audi Charlotte recommends staying up to date with routine maintenance and service for your Audi vehicle to prevent common malfunctions that are easily avoided with quality service. The relatively low cost of scheduled quality service from the Service Department at Audi Charlotte in Charlotte, NC can help you avoid the added and unexpected costs of roadside malfunctions including towing costs, missed work, hiring a rush mechanic and temporary vehicle payments. 

  1. Maximize fuel efficiency

  • Maintaining your Audi will also reduce the amount you pull up to the gas pump. Did you know maintaining proper tire pressure can save up to 10% of your fuel costs? Regular vehicle tune-ups and oil changes help your vehicle run efficiently, which increases your Audi’s gas mileage, saving you money in the long run.

  1. Ensure safety on the road

  • Not all car accidents are a result of human error. Sometimes, neglected car maintenance can lead to faulty braking and steering, worn windshield wipers and tires and improper fluid levels. All of these issues and many others can lead to automobile accidents on the road. Keep your Audi up to date on its service with Audi Charlotte in Charlotte, NC.

  1. Prolong the life of your Audi

  • Put less stress on your car and prolong the optimal function of your Audi when you keep up with routine maintenance and service with the Service Department at Audi Charlotte. Regular Audi vehicle servicing ensures that your Audi is kept in the best condition and maintains peak performance, even adding years of life to your vehicle.

  1. Reduce pollution

  • Reducing pollution goes hand-in-hand with the maximized fuel efficiency you receive when maintaining a regular service schedule for your Audi. Routine service and maintenance will ensure that your vehicles functions are maximizing the output of your Audi. Dirty carburetors, clogged air filters and worn points waste gas and increase air pollution.

  1. Create a maintenance record

  • Sometimes it’s necessary to seek assistance through warranties or insurance. In either of these circumstances, it is likely that routine maintenance records will be needed in order to receive the best possible outcome for your Audi. For this reason, it’s important to keep up with a regular scheduled service and maintenance from the Service Department at Audi Charlotte

  1. Think of your Audi’s resale value

  • Should the day ever come that you decide to sell your Audi, a maintenance record helps prove to potential buyers that the car is in well-kept condition, increasing the resale value of the vehicle and saving you money in the process.

  1. Lower the cost to your own Audi

  • A properly maintained and serviced Audi can actually lower the cost of operation by avoiding major malfunctions that end up costing much more beyond the labor and parts. Think of potential time missed from work, temporary vehicle rentals or the cost of a new car entirely. Don’t consider missing your next scheduled service for your Audi.

  1. Peace of mind

  • Driving itself is already stressful. Alleviate any additional stress that comes with a vehicle you don’t trust. Scheduled service and maintenance from the Service Department at Audi Charlotte can help you stay confident and relaxed on the road knowing that your Audi is functioning and maintained as it should be.


Don’t ignore the service light


Many Audi models offer the luxury of an electronic computer system, allowing you to stay on top of routine maintenance and unexpected issues within the crucial parts of your vehicle. This technological convenience shouldn’t be taken lightly and as an Audi owner, if you choose to ignore your service light, you increase the risk of damaging your Audi’s engine.


If you see the service light, or anything you aren’t comfortable with when it comes to your Audi, it’s important to take note that and regularly check your specific Audi model’s maintenance schedule. This is typically outlined by miles driven, with associated services that are recommended in order to keep your vehicle running at its best.


Keep your Audi on the road


Routine maintenance from the Service Department at Audi Charlotte may seem like a hassle and unnecessary, but the cost and inconvenience that comes with serious issues from negligence to your vehicle far exceeds any reason to procrastinate on your regular serviced schedule.


Call or contact the team at Audi Charlotte in Charlotte, NC to schedule or speak to someone regarding your Audi’s maintenance and creating a scheduled service to keep your Audi performing to its peak. You deserve luxury and at Audi Charlotte we help maintain it. 

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