Backup Cameras Are a Must-Have Safety Feature

Backup cameras are changing the safety game in the US, and it looks like they're going to keep doing so. Here at Audi of Charlotte, we know that you want to be informed about safety. We're here to tell you that backup cameras are an essential safety feature you might not know about.

If you've ever worried about backing over something while reversing out of your driveway, then the backup camera was designed for you. These devices help prevent backup-related accidents, which cause over 15,000 injuries every year. They work by showing you a live picture of the area behind your automobile. This area includes everything under your rear windshield and trunk.

With a backup camera, you don't have to worry about backing over your kid's toys - or your kid. If you're at all curious about what using one would feel like, don't hesitate to show up here in Matthews, NC to test drive one of our vehicles soon.

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