What Might Cause Engine Overheating?

Your vehicle runs at very high temperatures. If some component of your vehicle's engine cooling system malfunctions, your vehicle could overheat causing extensive engine damage. Audi Charlotte in Matthews, NC wants you to know about some of the more common reasons for engine overheating.

The major cause of engine overheating is a lack of coolant or an improper level of coolant. Always make sure that you have enough coolant at the proper mixture in your vehicle. Check the level of coolant in the reserve whenever you check your oil.

There are several parts within your vehicle that assist with engine cooling. One of these is the water pump. A leak in the water pump can cause overheating. The radiator is also vital for cooling. A radiator can become blocked leading to overheating. The thermostat in your vehicle helps to regulate the vehicle's temperature. A malfunctioning thermostat can cause the care to overheat.

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