Transmission Options in the Audi A3

When you get a new Audi A3 at Audi Charlotte you have a couple of decisions to make. This popular compact luxury car is available with two different transmission systems. They're designed to work effortlessly with the powerful engine and provide you with a smooth driving experience.

The first option is a dual-clutch transmission system. It's a seven-speed S Tronic system. It comes standard on all front-wheel-drive models. The seven gear settings offer more versatility in a variety of different driving conditions. Furthermore, the dual-clutch design ensures that power flow between the engine and transmission isn't lost during a gear shift.

The second transmission system that Matthews, NC drivers can get in their Audi A3 also has a dual-clutch design. It's a six-speed S Tronic transmission. This transmission system is available on models with Quattro all-wheel drive. Like the previous system, this transmission has dual clutches that work independently from one another. This ensures that you have continuous power wherever you go.

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